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elevating the experience of buying and selling real estate

Luxury certified for luxury resale homes in Arizona


Have you ever wondered about the true value of your home if recognized for its exceptional features and build details by esteemed experts in luxury construction? And, more importantly, how does such recognition instill confidence in potential buyers?

Allow us to introduce BedBrock Luxury Certified, a pioneering initiative that leverages our extensive construction expertise to elevate the resale market of luxury homes in the Valley. Our primary objective is to instill unwavering confidence in both sellers and buyers when it comes to the quality of luxury resale properties.

BedBrock’s expert construction panel will Luxury Certify exceptional resale homes giving our “stamp of approval” to properties that meet our expectations of a quality luxury home.

Modern masterpiece with hillside luxury home Modern masterpiece with hillside luxury home

BedBrock Real Estate Company

Welcome to BedBrock Real Estate Company, your premier destination for luxury real estate in Paradise Valley and Scottsdale, Arizona. With a remarkable track record spanning over 25 years, BedBrock's long-standing relationships in the luxury real estate market have provided us with invaluable market knowledge and insights.

As an award-winning luxury home builder in Paradise Valley, our founder, Rich Brock, established BedBrock Real Estate Company with a clear vision in mind – to create the ultimate, high-end experience for our clients and redefine the standards of real estate transactions. We pride ourselves on elevating expectations and delivering extraordinary homes that epitomize luxury and quality.

Catering to an audience that appreciates the finer things in life, BedBrock Real Estate Company represents a portfolio of BedBrock luxury communities, custom homes, developments an select re-sale homes. Our commitment to excellence shines through in every property we showcase.

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Allow us to introduce you to our latest offering – Luxury Certified. Leveraging our extensive building experience in the Valley, BedBrock Developers have honed a keen eye for luxury and quality construction. We believe that attention to detail is paramount, and it forms the bedrock of our company values. In all of our luxury homes, we enforce strict standards to ensure that every aspect exudes sophistication and meticulous craftsmanship.

We are delighted to extend the confidence that BedBrock homeowners experience to the wider luxury real estate market through our Luxury Certification program. This exclusive designation serves as a "stamp of approval," signifying that a home meets our informed expectations of a quality, luxury residence. When you choose to list your home with us, we invite you to ask our team about how you can obtain the prestigious BedBrock Luxury Certification. It's a testament to the exceptional standards we uphold and adds immense value to your property.

At BedBrock Real Estate Company, we understand that luxury is not just about the price tag; it's about the lifestyle, the attention to detail and the unwavering commitment to excellence. Experience the epitome of luxury living with BedBrock, where our passion for extraordinary homes is matched only by our dedication to creating unparalleled experiences for our clients.

Contact our team today to discover the BedBrock difference and embark on your journey toward owning or selling a truly exceptional luxury property in Paradise Valley or Scottsdale.

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