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Luxury certified for luxury resale homes in Arizona Luxury certified for luxury resale homes in Arizona

a game-changer in the world of luxury real estate

Have you ever wondered about the true value of your home if recognized for its exceptional features and build details by esteemed experts in luxury construction? And, more importantly, how does such recognition instill confidence in potential buyers?

Allow us to introduce BedBrock Luxury Certified, a pioneering initiative that leverages our extensive construction expertise to elevate the resale market of luxury homes in the Valley. Our primary objective is to instill unwavering confidence in both sellers and buyers when it comes to the quality of luxury resale properties.

BedBrock’s expert construction panel will Luxury Certify exceptional resale homes giving our “stamp of approval” to properties that meet our expectations of a quality luxury home.

Why Luxury Certified?

Why Luxury Certified?

1. Instill unwavering confidence to sellers and homebuyers

2. Confidence among local agents to bring their clients

3. Ability to leverage the BedBrock brand for marketing

4. BedBrock Concierge Services will gift 6 months of service to the homebuyer of a BedBrock Luxury Certified home

5. Best shot at record-breaking sales price

Rich Brock Introduces Luxury Certified

Expert Panel

The expert panel comprises seasoned construction professionals from diverse backgrounds, all contributing their valuable expertise to BedBrock Developers. Collectively, they harbor an unmatched passion for top-tier construction, premium materials, and an unwavering commitment and attention to detail.

Rich Brock

Rich Brock

General Contractor, Founder and CEO of BedBrock Developers with 27 years of construction experience. Sets the standard for BedBrock built homes, attention to detail is at his core.

Ryan Copsey

Ryan Copsey

Senior Construction Manager with 30+ years of residential construction experience. Ryan has built over 50 luxury homes and is known for being quality oriented and extremely knowledgeable.

kai thomas headshot

Kai Thomas

Project Manager raised in a family of architects and builders, construction is second nature to Kai with 25 years of experience. His construction knowledge and attention to detail is unmatched.

Lance Yates BedBrock Developers

Lance Yates

Project Manager and Arizona native with 30 years of construction experience, Lance brings a wealth of hands-on field experience to his role and applies his knowledge on construction sites every day. 

Ed Henry BedBrock Developers

Ed Henry

Project Manager with an impressive 35-year tenure in the field. Ed’s architectural expertise has consistently proven invaluable to our projects, complemented by his adept at solving complex challenges.

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