Experience the Art of Fine Detail

BedBrock has an established presence as the premier luxury home builder in Paradise Valley and Scottsdale, Arizona. Through excellent work and exceptional business integrity over the past 25 years, BedBrock Developers have become the local craftsman for modern luxury homes. With defined custom home knowledge alongside a tradition of excellence and quality, we have, for the past decade, developed luxury communities with individual standards not seen anywhere else in the Valley. Through the success we have experienced, we are proud to announce BedBrock Architecture and BedBrock Real Estate Company delivering quality build, unique architecture, and luxury real estate expertise in-house.

BedBrock Architecture represents industry-leading modern architecture while honoring great respect to the historical and natural beauty of each project. Partnered with one of the most talented modern architects of the West, we provide a streamlined design-build process for our clients.

BedBrock Real Estate Company came to life through the vision of creating an exclusive list of "BedBrock Luxury Certified" homes in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. With our established brand representing craftmanship and attention to detail we sell BedBrock built homes, communities, and BedBrock Luxury Certified re-sales.

Our mission is to ensure solid foundations where luxury design and quality construction unite to create a sanctuary for families and individuals to make memories and enjoy the best of Arizona Living.

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