October 25, 2021

What’s New In Lighting

What’s New In Lighting


Connectivity is the latest trend in lighting technology, and it’s definitely bringing us that futuristic feel a few years ahead of schedule! Having digital control (lighting control) over your lights and being able to program them or operate them remotely or via voice is a reality today.

Best Quality

We’ve all seen bad lighting and horrible utilization of the latest LED technology. With poor products come poor results, and the trend now in lighting is a drastic swing towards quality. Selecting a quality integrated Lighting Recessed Can is very important to obtain the right results.


Going wireless is the latest trend in residential. Technologies that use power line communication and radio frequencies to control lighting are going to be appearing more frequently. Wireless control of lighting in the home is already becoming common. Expect the trend to continue.

Healthy Lighting

There is huge research towards wave spectrums, and how certain colors affect our moods, productivity. Healthy lighting and health-oriented lights are the next wave. The technology is called Circadian lighting. The LEDs used and the technology is relatively simple, but the effects they can have are extraordinary. It can affect sleep and wake cycles. Even medical facilities are putting this technology into play, using blue light in calming situations for surgery, for instance, or red to promote faster healing. Warm lighting or yellow lights play a big role for mood. It’s a big trend in lighting, so get ready.
Rich Brock

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