October 25, 2021 | Guest

Recent Panel At The Phoenix Business Journal

Recent Panel At The Phoenix Business Journal

President & Publisher Ray Schey

So if we were just to forecast the next 18 months to two years or so, what would each of you say?

Rich Brock

I'm very bullish on this market for the next eight years. We're in a very great market. No one knows when the next recession will start. I feel though, the real estate, the housing market, is positioned very well, because the inventory levels have never caught up after the downturn. And as I mentioned earlier, there's virtually no new home inventory in Paradise Valley. So even in a down market, luxury will do well. Prices might flatten, but luxury will get through it.
As a home builder that is looking to put inventory out there, I feel like this is an amazing time right now. And I believe that once, even if we go through a recession, we're going to blow out of that, and have six to seven strong years.
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