April 1, 2021

A Year Gone By

Looking back at our progress today shows us how far we have come in just one year for the market of top luxury homes in Arizona. Cameldale Estates Lots 6 and 8 were only silhouettes of what they are now, the First Street homes were simply a mere representation of wood and concrete, and our Concierge Services existed as an idea written on a piece of paper.

Being in the present of where we are today makes us that much more grateful for our company and where our projects will be in the next 365 days for luxury living in the valley.

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BedBrock Developers is the premier luxury home builder in Paradise Valley, Arcadia and Scottsdale, Arizona as well as Coronado, La Jolla and Laguna, California. BedBrock originally built its sound reputation on magnificent Italian, Spanish, and Santa Barbara style homes.


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