October 25, 2021

Nail Pops; What Are They And How Do They Occur?

Nail Pops; What Are They And How Do They Occur?
Nail pops in drywall walls or ceilings are usually a minor cosmetic issue that is common in new construction. They are not too tough to fix and typically are not serious. You will generally find them within the first year of construction during the settling phase. Lumber that is used to build homes often contains moisture, which is absorbed in many ways, from weather to storage facilities. Post construction, as the wood slowly dries, the studs may shift or twist ever so slightly. This movement can cause the individual nails to become loose and wiggle their way out. When a nail that is holding drywall decides to move, it loosens the joint compound that is covering it. This results in a tiny bugle on the wall surface, or in some cases, the head of the nail will be visible through the loosened joint compound. Do not worry though because there is no structural issue to worry about and repair for this is simple. So simple that it only requires some longer screws, added joint compound, sanding, and touch-up painting.

Through our new BedBrock Concierge Services, nail pops are something that our staff is trained to look for and fix on the spot.

Through our new Home Maintenance Concierge Program, let our staff monitor your air filters and change them frequently to keep your indoor air quality the best for luxury living here in Arizona. This will bring a new meaning to, “out of sight; out of mind!”

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