December 6, 2020

Managing Your Fireplace

As we cross over from summer, and into the cooler temperatures of winter in Arizona, there is one household appliance that is coming back into people’s thoughts from its long summer hibernation. Your fireplaces! Most people have not given any thought to their fire features since before Covid-19 came into existence, but now want to use them every night. Since fire features sit for such long periods of time in Arizona, there are some important things to remember before rushing to crank the heat up.

When lighting your fire feature for the first time in months, you should always make sure that the area is free and clear of dirt and debris. Whether this be an indoor or outdoor gas fireplace, the burner, fan, venting, pilot light, and thermostat should all be checked and cleaned prior to use. This not only will ensure it burn cleans, but it will also increase the longevity of your unit. The same thing applies for those with wood burning fireplaces, with some added yearly maintenance. It is also recommended that whenever using it for the first time in a while that you should only turn the gas valve a quarter of the way open. This allows for there to not be a surge of pressure on pipes and units that have not been active in months.

While we enjoy both the physical and scenic warmth that our fire features bring us it should be remembered that they are a serious appliance in our homes and should be treated as such. It is recommended by the National Fireplace Institute to have a maintenance servicing on all fireplaces to help limit the number of house fires. At Bedbrock Concierge, we test and inspect all fire features at least once a month. Through our proactive approach to home maintenance, we make sure that your fire features are working properly even in the “Dry Heat” months so that no issues catch you by surprise in the “Cool Winter” months. It is one of the many parts of a home we are committed to as a top custom builder in Arizona.


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