November 13, 2018

How to Select a Lot for a Luxury Custom Home

Location, location, location should always be the priority when selecting a lot on which to build your dream home! When building a luxury custom home, the price for a premium lot is generally worth it in the long run. If views are important to you, BedBrock Developers will map the key areas of the home to take advantage of views. Another factor to consider is the type of soil and the excavation cost. Typically BedBrock Developers will run a soil report to identify the soil and how it will affect excavation costs. And lastly, determining if the lot is in a flood plain is very important when dealing with the municipalities and possibly FEMA.

If there is a particular lot you are interested in, contact Rich Brock at BedBrock Developers in Paradise Valley. With 20+ years of experience, Rich has built luxury homes on lots of varying sizes, elevations, and challenges. Or if you are interested in locating a specific type of lot, BedBrock Developers can assist you as well. From start to finish, BedBrock Developers will ensure that every detail of the custom home building process is executed with professionalism and integrity.

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