October 25, 2021

How Home Automation Is Now A Much Friendlier User Experience

How Home Automation Is Now A Much Friendlier User Experience
It was only a couple of years ago that home automation systems required programming knowledge to change or alter preset settings. Don’t get me wrong, home automation is still a complex system, especially when dealing with large-scale homes. While the design and installation of any sophisticated smart home technology will always require a team of professionals, industry leaders have recently made the user experience much more flexible and intuitive. Crestron and Savant have made huge strides to improve the way homeowners interact with their systems by placing control and customization into the homeowner's hands.

Available now on both iOS and Android applications, Crestron and Savant now offer single application interfaces. Homeowners can now program their home automation system, post-installation, without the help of a programmer.

Have full control and access to climate, entertainment, lighting, security in one touch.
Crestron and Savant both offer custom experiences and one-touch interfaces that are tailored to your living style and needs.
Here are the top features you can control with either app. Wi-Fi or cellular signal is required.

  • Climate control – Set up morning, afternoon, or evening temperatures to warm or cool your home.
  • Create your scene – Whether you are calm, excited, happy, or feeling a little romantic, you can personalize music or lighting to capture and re-create a moment. Full capabilities of setting up personal environments for the perfect date or movie night.
  • Lighting Control – Dim, brighten, or save energy in any room.
  • 24/7 Security – Full access to monitor every room in your home. Head to work or go on vacation knowing you will be notified if something is out of place.
  • Schedule Events – The possibilities are endless with full control to create events. Set up shade positions at sunrise or adjust lighting control at sunset.
  • Parental control – Modify privileges based on age group. Complete control to monitor what your kids are watching.
Prepare your home to fit your needs. Full customization with Crestron or Savant is a touch away.

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