October 25, 2021

Changing Your A/C Filters

Changing Your A/C Filters
Installing new air filters can sometimes be a hassle for Arizona homeowners due to the old saying of, “out of sight; out of mind.” But regular filter changes are important to not only your AC’s longevity but also your health.
Air filters not only keep the dust and pollen out of your home but they are also tasked with keeping the larger particles in the air out of your HVAC system and keeping your system damage-free. Dirty, unchanged filters are the leading cause of HVAC system issues. By not changing your air filter as directed leads to dust, mold, and other particles entering your air system and reducing your indoor air quality.
A dirty/clogged filter forces your system to expend more energy to push air through. This will cost you more in utility costs for lesser-quality air. Because your system is now working overtime, it means that some areas of your home may not be getting the proper airflow. This not only reduces your in-home comfort level, but it can lead to a system overheating or freezing up.
Manufacturers will typically say that you should change your filter (1 inch) every 60-90 days, but there are many factors that can adjust that number lower. Those factors include whether it is a vacation home, allergies, a number of pets, how many family members live in the house, or where exactly your house is in the world (i.e. Arizona).

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