October 25, 2021

A True Luxury Home

A True Luxury Home

How Can You Label a House a Luxury Home?

  • Is it location?
  • Is it great architecture?
  • Is it quality of construction?
  • Is it quality of finishes?
  • Is it brand of Builder & Architect?
  • Is it price?
The old adage, ‘Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder’ doesn’t really hold water for labeling a true luxury home. First and foremost, it’s location, location, location. The comps in the neighborhood matter. If your location is in a luxury neighborhood, then you will always start there. What sets the price? Comps, then Brand. If you have a well-known luxury builder with a reputable architect, then that is like saying you bought a ‘Bentley’. The quality of construction usually goes hand in hand with the brand of the builder. People know! The standing of the builder’s quality is very easy to research. Reputation matters! Architects are artists and their name matters if it’s a true luxury home. The quality of finishes is what everyone notices, it cannot be a true luxury if someone tried to cut corners. For example, a builder trying to save money by using inferior products in secondary bedrooms and casitas, such as windows, doors, cabinets, counters, and tile. So be aware that the price will usually reflect the reality of the product, brand, and location. Happy shopping!

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